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This site is now closed and it will not be updated any further. the main reason is that the person who was working on this site has left edmonton long time ago and she is no longer able to keep up with the events in edmonton. This site will still be online for any future references.

thank you all for being a part of this.



The Integrated Encylopideia of the Quran Unveiling and fundraising

February 20th, 2010 at 6:15 pm at the Markaz ul Islam

Asalaamu alaikum Friends,

It’s been my pleasure to be informed of a unique project rooted in our community.  The Integrated Encyclopedia of the Quran is an effort to discover the pearls of the Quranic terms on our own shores.  As we continue the tasks of establishing our communities, brick by brick, the intellectual and academic foundations must also be addressed.  So, so many times in Edmonton, our brothers and sisters have cheerfully placed their hard-earned savings and their precious gold bangles in service of the building of mosques and community institutions.  

This struggle continues with schools, social services, a library, halaqa’s, centers for seniors, community building, international projects, local projects like establishing a chair at the university, and numerous other efforts.  
In order to ensure that our work is done in the best way, we also must continuously strive for spiritual nourishment, which comes primarily through our primary source, The Most Noble Quran.  This Proof Text provides the light of knowledge that illuminates all of our daily individual and collective struggles.  
The Integrated Encyclopedia of the Quran (IEQ) is a reference work based on fourteen centuries of Islamic scholarship on the Quran.  It brings to the English-speaking world a unique blend of classical and contemporary scholarship in an accessible and reader-friendly format.  This project involves writers, editors, language editors, and an international advisory board.  The project also involves you.  You are an important part of all the tremendous efforts that have come out of this blessed community.    
Please join me in learning more about the IEQ Project at the Edmonton Unveiling and Fundraising Dinner on February 20th, 2010 at 6:15 pm at the Markaz ul Islam.  Please see the attached poster for details on the venue and ticket information.  We will be introduced to the project formally and then, by the Grace of our  Sustainer, we will share a meal together.
Your presence at this event is very special.  As we look towards our future, we share a common desire to leave a legacy.  I leaf through the worn and precious pages of works that our predecessors left behind and I feel a tremendous passion to be part of that chain of scholarship, in any way that I can.  I hope and pray that this project might become one small link in that chain that links us to a Divine Handhold.  
If you would like to do some research before we meet on February 20th, inshallah, then please visit http://www.iequran.com/   Also, bring along your suggestions, criticisms, and ideas.  Please let me know how many tickets you will be needing.
Looking forward to seeing you, inshallah.  
With Peace, Ma’asalaam
Your Brother in need of your dua’s.
Mohamad Salim Sabir
P.P.S Maghrib Salat is at 6:00 pm at the Markaz.  We will be meeting in the respective prayer areas immediately afterwards, inshallah.

 Source: Heba Ibrahim – Muslim mother in canada


If you come to think of it people who celebrate Santa equate him with God in some way. How?


Parents sow in their kids the love and fear of Santa pretty as much as of God. We as Muslim parents shouldn’t take those matters lightly and follow those who went astray unaware of the consequences; starting with lying to your kids about Santa’s existence and ending with entering into the conciseness of the young kids at an early stage that Santa has some of God’s characteristics! Ultimately when they grow up they will know that you lied to them. Ask yourself .. for what..??

How the people came to worshipping idols? History tells us that Idols were at some point ordinary people and they were glorified after their death and year after year they turned into Idols to be worshipped! I think that is pretty much why it is not recommended to celebrate prophet’s Mohamed’s birthday (or any other prophets for what it matters) , Muslims rather celebrate events that has meanings rather than persons (including prophets) because we are after all the only absolute monotheism religion. And we all know that history has the tendency of repeating itself. I would rather not take the risk.

As Muslims living in the west, we should have more confident in ourselves. Be proud of who we are and, do not exert ourselves to mingle with the crowds just to feel at safe and at ease.  Our kids should be proud to be Muslims and they should stand up tall. Share the beauty of Islam rather than mingling with others to be “less different”.  I do not mean that kids should force their believes on others or make unnecessary arguments and be stiff; on the contrary I just want them to be comfortable in their skin, confident in their religion and solid in their believes. The only way for this to happen is when the parents themselves have and demonstrate this in their lives.

Muslim Parents living in the west can make Muslims Eids fun..Decorate your house for Ramadan and eid instead of decorating a tree. Make your kids send greeting cards to their Muslim friends and exchange symbolic gifts if you want.  Invite other Muslim families to your house and have a feast. Do not exchange “that which is better for that which is lower”

*             *             *             *

Note: I am not a religious scholar so if I am wrong in any way please correct me.

Source: Engi


AA everyone,

recycables collection next round :-

When: Sunday 24 Jan 2010

Time: from 9 to 11 am

Where: 518 Rh Michener park


ISA  recyclables` pick up will be next sunday but just a reminder any wet or dripping bag will be thrown in the Garbage , no matter how full it was , Thanks.
Next recyclables` pick up < all the proceeds   goes towards MCE expansion project > will be next Sunday (24 Jan 2010 ) from 9:00 am to 11:00 am .

i just wanna remind u with the recyclables` items:
– pop cans / bottles.
– juice bottles.
– water bottles.
– milk containers .
– NO cardboard boxes < e.g. cereal boxes >.
– NO car oil or cooking oil or detergent containers at all. 

NOTE:  if you`re late & couldn`t make on time,please,please , don`t just leave your recyclables` outside our door and leave , save them at your place for the next time.

in side michener park:

All I`m asking is that u put yr recyclables in a clean bag and kindly leave it in front of unit 518 RH in michener park Sunday morning between 9:00 to 11:00 am .

outside michener park:

and of course for those living outside michener park , each 5 or 6 families can gather their recyclables and just tell us about it .

Or simply you can drop it to one of your friends in michener park before the collection day .

Assalamo Alikom,
The Edmonton Prayer Times Calculation Committee has recently revised the method of which prayer times are calculated. The new calendar for 2010 is available for sale at MCE and will be insha Allah posted on the website soon. Please be advised that the changes are mainly for the Fajr and Isha times. The MCE will be following the new calendar as of Sunday January 3rd insha Allah. 

Summary of the Edmonton Prayer Times Calculation Committee report:



The objective of this committee was to arrive at a correct (scientifically valid & verifiable) and unified prayer calendar for all Edmonton mosques


Committee Findings

The current calendar implements an angle of descent for the sun (below the horizon) equal to 11.5° (roughly 12°) to calculate the time of Ishaa. The current calendar also implements an angle 15° to calculate the time of Fajr. Despite there being “no objection” to using these angles for some locations on the globe, it has not been officially adopted by any Islamic Council worldwide (including ISNA).
The calculations of Dr. Khalid Shawkat (www.moonsighting.com) were considered. However, no official endorsement or adoption of his calculation methods was found.

Conversely, the committee has found that there is significant scientific and scholarly evidence supporting an angle of 17° for Ishaa and an angle of 18° degrees for Fajr. In particular, this committee is referencing the fatwa issued by the Islamic Fiqh Council of the World Islamic League (www.themwl.org) on March 23rd of 1986 (decision #6), which was reaffirmed by the same council in 2007 (see attached documents). The same Fatwa was also adopted by the European Council for Fatwa and Research (www.e-cfr.org) in its 11
th conference (decision #1) and again in its 12th conference (decision #2). See attached copies of the two decisions.

Committee Recommendations

After close consultations with the Imams of Al-Rashid, MCE and Markaz Ul-Islam, the committee has reached a consensus that we should recreate the Edmonton prayer calendar for the year 2010 using the following recommendations:

  1. Strive to apply the Fatwa mentioned above whenever it is deemed possible and practical.
  2. During the period (Aug. 15th – Apr. 30th), Fajr time is calculated based on angle 18°, according to the Fatwa.
  3. During the critical period (May 1st – Aug. 14th), the Fajr time is calculated by fixing the ratio of the time between Fajr and sunrise to the corresponding ratio at latitude 45° on June 21st. This is considered to be a conservative way of implementing the Fatwa of the Islamic Fiqh Council.
  4. Employing a similar method (as in items 2 and 3) to calculate the time of Ishaa during the critical period produces times that are considered too late to be practical.
  5. During the period (Sep. 21st – Mar. 20th), Ishaa time is calculated based on the angle of 17°, in accordance with the Fatwa.
  6.  Based on the flexibility allowed by the Fatwa of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, the time of Ishaa, on June 21st, is set exactly 1.5 hours after Maghrib. The time difference between Maghrib and Ishaa then changes linearly from 1.5 hours on June 21st to the difference calculated based on the angle 17° on Sep. 21st. A similar linear change is done for the period from Mar. 21st to June 21st.
  7. The 2-minute safe zones, in accordance with the Fatwa, are recommended. This means that Thuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Ishaa times are set two minutes after the calculated times; conversely, Fajr and sunrise are set two minutes before the calculated times.
  8. That there be a special dispensation, or license, acknowledged and endorsed by the Imams, for those who are unable to wait until the proper time of Ishaa, that they be allowed to join their Maghrib and Ishaa prayers, assuming they are able to make it as close to its correct time as possible.


Happy New Year for you all and you families

I take this opportunity to evaluate the activates of Muslim women in 2009 that went through the Womencan:

The most successful and continued programs are the ones organized by Engi and her husband Dr Ahmed Zaki …  They were responsible for two projects:

1-      Recycling Program:  850 $

They continuously every almost 45 days or less collect the recyclables from Michener Park. Sometimes it takes them two rounds to the depot. Sometimes they were faced by unclean recyclables that leaked in her husband’s car or after they take the recyclables they may return with unrecyclable materials that the depot refused to take however, they continued to do it.  Others have volunteered to help them in the latest rounds like Dr. Amr el Hawitt and Dr. Ismail . The money collected doesn’t go directly the MCE masjed , it goes into making a weekly sandwiches that is sold every Friday in the masjed and the profit then goes to the masjed..

  • Since the recycling started Muslim women have collected 1540 $.  And since engi had taken over collecting the recyclables she collected 850 $


2-      Change make change program (which was Engi’s idea)

It was collected twice in 2009, 670$

  • In jan, = 570$ and there was a bidding on a donated ring that was sold for 700$ . That is a total of 1270 $ which went to Gaza.
  • In October =  100$

Kids Quran Competition:

Although the initial plan was to make it every three months in Michener park, last year it was held twice. There was a lack of organizers since it takes relatively some time and effort to buy the gifts, collect the people, get to know the number of kids who are coming and their ages, reserve the time and place and  organize the event itself …etc.

There was a suggestion by Manal to transfer it to the masjed. The masjed SHOULD have a kid’s Quran competition every three months whether if there is one in Michener Park or not. The focus in the end is our kids who benefit tremendously from this more than words can tell. Around 30 kids attend this event from the age 2 to 15.

  • In Oct,  the organizers were Engi and Rabab
  • In May, the organizers were Rani morsy (who left to Egypt) and Marwa bondok


Women’s weekly meeting program:

It is still going on and off… Tant Aida gathers the Muslim women on weekly basis and she is very keen that they all join together to study Quran in Michener Park. 

Programs that stopped during 2009

The cultural event that was held every year in the summer for the past three years was cancelled in 2009. That was really a pity because this was a very special event.  Also the kids were really happy with the Ramadan Decoration Competition. 

  • Women’s Quran Competition (originally every three months)
  • Cultural event (once a year)
  • Ramadan Decoration Contest
  • Social gatherings

For more information visit


Movie Night @ Alrashid

Assalamu Alaikum sisters,

The halaqa for Wednesday December 30th Al Rashid Mosque starting at 7 pm upstairs will be by Sister Jawdah discussing brotherhood/sisterhood in Islam.

Our Sister Fahima, has 20 years experience as a hairdresser.  She is willing to cut and style hair in her home (sisters only) for $15.  For further information, call 780-902-7187.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


 Canada Palestine Cultural Association

 Is proud to present its first ever

 Movie Night

Featuring the award-winning documentary film

 Occupation 101


 Date:  Friday January 1st, 2010

 Time:  6:00 PM

 Location:  Edmonton Islamic Academy (14525 – 127 Street) – Upstairs Library Tickets:  $2/person at the door

Refreshments will be available